Revocable Living Trust

This course is offered for educational purposes only. It is not Legal, Accounting or Investment Advice. Prior
to making any changes to any of your plans you should seek advice from professionals in all the above areas. Please note, the information presented is based on planning strategies and options that are constantly changing. The author is making a “best effort” to present current material however, there are no warranties.The author will offer opinions in this course with a goal of encouraging participants to investigate, seek the best professional advice in
making their planning decisions.

The author confesses to being a “Living Trust Nut”! There no obligations tied to
this course.

A common misconception that Financial and Estate planning is important for only those with money, or who are advanced in age. This is a myth! Everyone can benefit by creating an effective plan for managing their assets.

The critical part of Financial and Estate Planning is creating documents that outline your wishes for managing your assets, in case of disability, and distributing your assets after you pass away.

Everyone has an estate plan by default! If you do not have a formal written Will or Trust, your estate plan is created by the State! Every state in America has laws governing the distribution of property when a person dies without a Last Will and Testament or Trust.

The question is not whether you will have an estate plan, but whether you will have an estate plan of your own selection or one imposed upon you by law.

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